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Most Beautiful Stones in the Town’s Oldest Cemetery

2014 May 13
by Linda

Ron Romano PosterIf you love old cemeteries, don’t miss this Thursday night program!

The shop of Portland’s first professional stonecutter created many distinctive grave markers for the Eastern Cemetery.  But for a few years in the early 1800s, he owned a small farm in New Gloucester, residing here with his family.  Eastern Cemetery volunteer and historian, Ron Romano wondered if our cemeteries contained any of his work, and came to see.  Ron has developed a style catalogue of Adams’ stones, and quickly identified a number of them in the New Gloucester cemeteries.

Having continued his research through the winter, Ron will return in May to give a free public program on Bartlett Adams.  The program is sponsored by the New Gloucester Historical Society, and will be held at the Town Meetinghouse on Thursday, May 15, at 7 pm.  If you would like to help spread the word about this program, here is a copy of the poster which you can print and post.    POSTER PDF

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