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“Will the children please come forward…”

2014 July 16
by Linda
Opening Day -- September 7

Opening Day — September 7

That’s how the children are called up near the beginning of the Sunday morning worship service(9:30 am).  Some come running, others are more shy about it, but all of them seem to know that something is about to happen that’s especially for them…great faith stories, teaching tales of Nurumbega Farm critters and a little prayer at the front of the sanctuary start them on their way to Sunday School.

From there, a team of loving, caring teachers develop the stories into lessons and crafts, plays, games and other activities.  After the last hymn of the worship service, parents and kids reunite at the classrooms and make their way to the vestry for a well-deserved snack.  Once in a while, the “snack” comes early–when the children rejoin their families in the sanctuary for communion.

Please make church-going a priority in the life of your family.  It—and you—can make a world of difference!

First Congregational Church has been holding Sunday School for more than 150 of our 250 years.  Classes have met in the balcony, behind curtains dividing the dining room, and in the town’s one-room schoolhouses on Sunday evenings.  Once, a long, long time ago, a family’s sleigh broke down, and they came to church by hitching their horse to a feed trough!  Now THAT’s dedication.

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