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Last Sunday at Church

2015 May 9
by Linda

blockhouseOn Mothers Day, during the church service,  the Sunday School went “on foot” to the nearby New Gloucester Blockhouse Site.  They took a look at the replica of the much larger building where the church got it’s start back in 1765.  They measured out the size of the actual blockhouse.  They (at least)peered into the cellar hole, and got swarmed by blackflies. They imagined what church in a fort would be like–and then they had a little church themselves.

They probably heard that church services were held in the blockhouse until the first meetinghouse was built(construction started in 1772). But did they hear that there were LOTS of children in the blockhouse?  137 children were baptized in New Gloucester between 1765 and 1772–almost all of them given biblical names!  What would you guess were the most popular names for girls?  Mehitabel? No, but there were 4 Mehitabels out of 137.  Sarah and Elizabeth were the winning names, then Mary and Hannah.

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