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We’re so glad you came…!

2015 July 2
by Linda

strawberry-shortcaketo the Historical Society’s STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL last Thursday evening.

 So many of you stopped to see the sanctuary historical displays before or after you’d eaten your fill of berries.  Thank you to the members who served as guides to the displays which covered the current sanctuary and its furnishings, as well as information about the previous building (1770-1838), the tower clock, windows, Chandler rocker, and many other curiosities and treasures.  Thank you to Ashley and John Terison–Ashley for playing Nicholas Rideout’s violin as an example of how singing was led before there was an organ…and John for fielding many questions about the  George Stevens Organ, including “You mean that thing still PLAYS?”  Cindy Slocum took on the task of envisioning the and organizing the displays.  Other members of the Anniversary Steering Committee gathered and photographed historical materials.  Their hard work and hospitality gave many, many visitors a taste of our congregational life…and the berries were great, too! 

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