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Have you subscribed to the E-newsletter?

2017 June 5
by Linda

We loved the old Parish Visitor, but it had its drawbacks–delivery by pack mule, old news, high cost of production, cumbersome mailing list maintenance.  In this day and age, there are alternatives, and we have chosen one…an e-mail based newsletter.

Now, TWICE a month you can receive news of the church and community, plus the pastor’s Pastoral*e.   Each person in your household can subscribe to have this newsletter sent to their very own inbox.

NOTE: When we launched the e-newsletter, some of you found that your issues went somewhere other than your email inbox.  Among the ways to fix this is to put the church’s email address ( in your Contacts so that your email server will “recognize” us and deliver your mail.

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Please note:  you can UN-subscribe at any time;  just click on UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of any newsletter.

For those who do not “do” e-mail, we’ll be happy to send you a snail-mail version by first class mail.  Please use the CONTACT US tab, above, to request the paper newsletter;  don’t forget to include your street address.

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