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Thinking Prayerfully…and Pledging Generously

2011 December 4
by Linda

A Message for You from the Heart

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21, NIV)

Tim and I think pretty prayerfully about donating―talent or treasure.‖ What good acts will be supported by our donation? Are our family’s values fairly reflected in the places and the people to which we donate? Will we make a difference in the world? Confidently, I tell you, FCCNG is the place where we know our treasure will do good, uphold important values, and make a difference in the world. Look at your own pledge and intention and hopefully you’ll say the same. Then think about what you can do next year to continue those good acts, to uphold those values, to make a difference. Our congregation has been very faithful in these past few years difficult years about pledging, promising, and helping the Trustees plan. We can be proud of that helpful commitment of time and planning, and we can be proud of that vital investment of funds.

And what about the treasure of your time? These days, there’s nothing that feels more valuable to our family than our time, and there’s no better time spent than in the community we share with you all in New Gloucester. The more time/treasure/talent we as a family invest in the church, whether it stays at 43.9N 70.3W, or goes out to the wider world, the stronger the ties that bind our hearts to you, to the church, and to God’s work on Earth. I hope you will join us in thinking prayerfully, planning ahead, and pledging generously of your family’s treasure, because your heart will follow, and there’s no better place for your heart!

Marianne Nolan Cowan, for the Stewardship Committee

Please be looking for the Stewardship Mailing on or after December 5th.  If you want to receive a pledge letter, and have not, please call the church or use the contact tab to let us know.  And thank you for making a pledge!

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