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Flying High Once More

2013 September 29
by Linda
Weather Vane After Restoration

Weather Vane After Restoration

Surface Restoration of 1839 Weather Vane:  Tony Castro

Weather Collar: Alan Hahnel

Joinery inside Cupola:  Todd Keneagy

Rigging Equipment:  Hahnel Brothers and W.D. Matthews

Nerves of Steel:  No Telling

The account book for the building of the sanctuary (frame raised May 2, 1839) notes the purchase of a “Zink Vain” from J. R. Milliken for $100.37.  This is quite a princely sum, considering that the architect/framer was paid $1040.  The entire cost of erecting and furnishing the sanctuary was $4,185.68 — 175 years ago.

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