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Share Potluck Supper and Make an Advent Wreath for your Home

2013 November 15
by Linda

Sunday, December 1 at 5:30 pmadvent wreath home

Start your Advent off with a warm and inviting meal with friends and family right here in the Vestry Community Room.  First, we’ll EAT, then there will be the makings of several small crafts for children and adults to enjoy—-or simply hang out and chat, meet some new folks, watch the kids, whatever will bring you joy.

We do this every year because we like it.  It’s low key and fun, and yes, you are totally welcome to come without food.  It’s a rare year there isn’t enough food…and there’s always great pizza from down the street.  Maybe you’ll help do the dishes, eh?

NOTE:  The Annual Holiday Tree-lighting at New Gloucester’s Town Hall will be held at 4:30 pm, with the GNG High School Chorus singing.  If you’d like to attend, and want to bring a casserole or other item for the potluck to the church before 4:30, the kitchen will be open and the oven on.

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