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News of Collection for Lewiston’s Homeless Students

2014 August 26
by Linda

homeless-youth-12Our September collection of school-related products for homeless students at Lewiston High School has been transported to a very grateful program leader there, Mary Seaman.

Here’s a message from our Missions chairperson, midway through the drive:

I have wonderful news to report!  I want to spread the news of church people’s generosity! I am about to tell you all the items our incredibly generous church members have donated to the homeless kids of Lewiston High School. Prepare to be amazed. 

So far we have collected:  6 composition notebooks, 1 package of graph paper, 3 packages of filler paper,6 notebooks, 1 package of dividers, 18 folders, 5 packages of highlighters, 7 binders, 9 packages of pens, 12 packages of pencils, 2 packages of glue sticks, 1 package of white-out, 3 packages of crayons, 1 package of cord identifiers, 1 sharpener, a makeup  applicator with mirror,  1 change purse, 1 calculator, 4 packages of post its, 1 mouth guard, 3 plastic sheet that hold items in a 3 ring binder, 4 packages of erasers, 2 books, 1 pencil/pen holder, 3 flash drives, 1 package of sheet protectors.

How awesome is this? I am proud and thankful to you all!

Donna Hahnel and my partners in crime, Christine Kuchinski, Althea Croxford, Ketra Crosson and Ann Chandler

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