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School Supply Drive for Homeless Teens

2015 September 11
by Linda

school-suppliesThe Missions drive for school-related products for homeless teens of the Greater Lewiston area has concluded. Thank you for all the wonderful things you contributed–new back packs, reams of paper, notebooks, markers, pencils, and assorted other necessities. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are going to be deeply appreciated by the kids and the teachers who work with them.

The Board of Missions teamed up with you to provide a stack of small coffee shop gift cards, as well.  The opportunity to sit in a warm place with WI-FI as a paying customer is a godsend to homeless teens.  Well done!

If any of you missed the drive but would like to help these kids out, please contact the church office. We can direct you to either the school-based program or the New Beginnings shelter.  The needs are ongoing!

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