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Members and friends of the congregation organize its programs and missions, with support from Pastor Linda Gard, Director of Music John Terison,  Office Administrator Cindy Mahan, and Sexton Phil Blake.   These boards, committees and organizations are currently active:

  • Bible Study–While our Bible Study group is on hiaitus, you might want to a)help us reorganize, or b) do some self-study.  We recommend that you follow the  “Revised Common Lectionary”–a reading from Hebrew Scripture, the Gospels, and the non-gospel books of the New Testament, plus a Psalm for each Sunday.  You can find and download a calendar of these readings HERE.
  • Deacons–worship (including baptism,  weddings, and funerals), hospitality, fellowship, membership
  • Christian Education–Faith and nurture, including Sunday school, youth groups, resource library, and a week-long summer program of music, dance, theater, crafts, and bible stories which we call Summerfest.
  • Trustees–financial oversight, personnel, and general management
  • Property–care and updating of the church and parsonage properties, balancing historic preservation with ongoing and future needs
  • Missions–initiative and interpretation of missions and special offerings, operation/promotion of New Gloucester Food Pantry
  • Music–Sanctuary Choir(adults and older teens)rehearses on Wednesdays at 7 during the school year, Chime Choir (handchimes) typically rehearses at 6 pm Wednesdays,  Children’s Choirs scheduled as needed, hearty congregational singing with support from an 1857 George Stevens tracker organ, a 1950 Baldwin grand, and a 1912 Steinway grand.  Singers and instrumentalists are always welcome!
  • Pastoral Relations, Stewardship and Nominating Committees
  • Open and Affirming Steering Team–appointed by the Council to guide us as we implement the Open and Affirming Statement adopted by the congregation at its Annual Meeting on January 31, 2010.
  • New Gloucester Men’s Group–men of the community meeting for breakfast(Tuesdays at 6:30), a devotional time, and fellowship
  • Blockhouse Stitchers–people of the church and community meeting for fellowship and creative inspiration(Wednesdays from 9:30 to Noon)

Like other churches in the congregational tradition, we follow a set of bylaws which we have created locally and update on a regular basis to meet our changing needs and patterns of service.