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PLEDGE for 2018

You may make your pledge here to the 2018 operating expenses (General Fund) of the congregation.  Notice of this pledge will go only to the Treasurer, Rob Spellman, who will acknowledge via email to you that he has received it.

Not sure how much to give?  Here are a few considerations. 

  • Quite a few of us tithe–either 10% of income to the church, or 5% to church and 5% to charities.  That way, whether our income is large or small, we feel we are doing our part.       (see giving guide below)
  • If either of those seems out of reach at this point in your life, please at least consider pledging a percentage of your income.  That way, in future years, you may work toward a giving goal.
  • Give what you can now, and put a gift or tithe to your church in your will–for the time when you will no longer need to worry about having enough to cover your expenses.

With others in the congregation, I commit myself to give in proportion to what I have for the ministries of the church and the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ: