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Community Room Gallery: Quilts by Lynn Davis

2011 February 7
by Linda

Quilt by Lynn Davis; Photograph by Jacob Spellman

Prolific quilt-maker Lynn Davis has been sewing as long as she can remember.  She made clothing for her children Dawson and Dale when they were small, and treasures the memory of sitting down to quilt at her frame in the early morning before the boys were awake.  Lynn  resides in Gray with her husband Dennis, but can often be spotted scouring area quilt shops and Mardens for just the right fabrics for her next quilt.

A blue ribbon winner at the Cumberland Fair, Lynn has also displayed quilts at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild annual shows.  Though Lynn makes primarily bed quilts, she also makes smaller quilts for several charities, including many for Wrap-a-Smile(cleft palate surgery for children in 3rd world countries), the Linus Project, and the Barbara Bush Center.  Several of her lap quilts have been raffled at the Evening Guild fairs.

Lynn is a regular participant in our Wednesday morning group, the Blockhouse Stitchers.  She’s currently working on an embroidered alphabet quilt covered with snowmen.  Lynn loves to teach the many cutting and piecing techniques she has learned and perfected over the years, and, aside from quilting, also likes to knit and crochet.  She and the other women and men who gather at the church on Wednesday mornings are always happy to have folks stop by with their stitching projects or just to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

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